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Why join the NBMTM?

The National Board of Medication Therapy Management (NBMTM) is a nonprofit organization that serves the public interest by advancing the highest standards for MTM pharmacists through our certification and maintenance of certification programs.

The NBMTM achieves this outcome through its team of highly skilled, professional and committed staff. There are opportunities to contribute your skills and knowledge to the ongoing development of a high performing organization.

Our staff value the:

  • Purpose of the NBMTM and the contribution it makes to the pharmacy community.
  • Nature of the work and the commitment to working to a high standard.
  • Variety and opportunity that individuals experience during their time at the NBMTM (including opportunity for promotion)
  • Commitment to making the NBMTM a caring and family-friendly environment.

We offer employees competitive salaries and generous benefits packages including health, dental and tuition reimbursement.

Please apply only for positions for which you meet the required qualifications. This will improve your success at being identified as a highly qualified candidate. This online application center automatically ranks candidates by how well they meet both the required qualifications and the preferred qualifications.

To begin searching our openings, please select the appropriate answer below. Once you do, another window will open.

Are you an NBMTM associate?

Inform yourself of your rights and responsibilities by reviewing the content provided in this list of websites. They are presented in English and Spanish for your convenience.

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