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Dustin Thomas, PharmD

Executive Director

After receiving his doctor of pharmacy degree from Nova Southeastern University, he started working for Medco Health Solutions as a Clinical Counseling Outreach Pharmacist. After the merger with Express Scripts, Dustin had taken an opportunity to become a Medication Therapy Management Pharmacist. As an MTM pharmacist, he had completed an average of 12 comprehensive medication reviews daily and experienced the impact pharmacists can make through medication therapy management.  Dustin also played a major role in the implementation of Express Scripts ScreenRx SM adherence program which helps patient adhere to cardiovascular and diabetes medications. This program had closed 156,000 gaps in care resulting in significant savings for health plans. After seeing how financial pressures can dramatically influence patients health outcomes, Dustin joined the St. John Leonardi Foundation for Medication Assistance as a volunteer content developer in 2016. He eventually took the position as President of the foundation in 2017. At the end of October 2017, Dustin took the position as executive director of the National Board of Medication Therapy Management.

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