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Dustin Thomas, Pharm.D. Executive Director

As the executive director of the National Board of Medication Therapy Management (NBMTM), I’m proud to announce that NBMTM has earned accreditation through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). NCCA is the leader in setting quality standards and providing accreditation services to certification programs, covering hundreds of professions and occupations. As the accreditation division of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, NCCA has been serving the credentialing profession for more than 30 years. NCCA aims to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public through the accreditation of a variety of certification programs that assess professional competency by using a peer-review process to

  • establish accreditation standards,
  • evaluate compliance with the standards,
  • recognize organizations/programs that demonstrate compliance, and
  • serve as a resource on quality certification.

The NBMTM certification program has now achieved accreditation by the leading agency. Accreditation through NCCA means that the public can feel confident that the Board Certified Medication Therapy Management Specialist (BCMTMS™) credential is a credible and valid tool in documenting the experience and knowledge of pharmacists providing medication therapy management.

The accreditation of the BCMTMS™ program is a significant achievement, and all stakeholders—certificants, BCMTMS™ candidates, employers, and, most especially, patients—should understand why it is important. It affirms the commitment of NBMTM to patient safety and public protection.
We are proud of our certification program and excited that we passed with flying colors!

Dustin Thomas, Pharm.D.

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