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Candidate Performance Report



This examination performance report shows your scaled score and pass/fail outcome obtained on the BCMTMS™ examination. To pass the BCMTMS™ examination, you must receive a total test score that is equal to or greater than the minimum passing score.
Your scaled score and pass/fail outcome is shown below.

Your Scaled Score
Minimum Passing Score
Pass/Fail PASSED

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you passed the National Board of Medication Therapy Management Certification Exam on . Your scaled score is and the passing scaled score is . Your scaled score, rather than your raw score, is reported because the scaled score will not vary with slight differences in the difficulty level of the exam. Your scaled score represents your raw score (the number of items that you answered correctly) transferred to a scaled score that ranges from 472 to 2889.

Your certificate will be mailed within three to four weeks to the above address. If the address NBMTM has on file is not correct or if you have changed your address, contact us immediately at

During the application and testing process, you agreed to abide by NBMTM’s Code of Conduct and other agreements which require that you maintain the security and confidentiality of BCMTMS™ examination information and materials, including the prevention of unauthorized disclosure of test items and format and other confidential information. You have attested to an understanding that the content of this examination is confidential, and is protected by copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights, and no part of the materials conveyed during this examination administration may be copied, downloaded, reproduced, photographed, stored, distributed, used or transferred to any individual or group, through any means. Violations of these agreements will result in disciplinary action taken against you consistent with NBMTM’s Conduct Case Procedure, and/or in legal action.

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