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The National Board of Medication Therapy Management provides this on-line system as a service to the public, and users of the system are granted access on the strict condition of their willingness to agree to and abide by these terms. The use of this system for any purpose other than the verification of an individual’s credentials, including compilations of data, the creation of or mailing lists, or other commercial purposes is prohibited, as is the download and/or establishment of independent data files and the republication, resale, or duplication of the data in whole or in part.

The NBMTM will make every effort to ensure that the information provided through the system is accurate and current. It cannot, however, guarantee the absolute accuracy of the information, and all persons using the system do so at their own risk. In addition, each user assumes the responsibility to ensure that any information is applicable to the correct individual for whom verification is sought. Users acknowledge that the NBMTM shall not liable to users or to any other party, for any decision made or action taken in reliance upon such information obtained through this service.

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