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Get Board Certified in MTM
Exam Content & Pricing
  • 200 multiple-choice questions
  • Initial Certification: $450
  • Schedule your exam with one of Scantron’s 1,350 testing centers worldwide
  • Schedule alternatively a remote proctored online exam
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Follow 4 Simple Steps to Earn Board Certification

Determine your eligibility to take the exam.

Route 1
Professional Experience

The licensed pharmacist must complete two (2) years of practice experience, post-licensure, with experience in medication therapy in retail pharmacy, community pharmacy, or ambulatory care pharmacy.

Required Documentation

  1. Copy or online printout of your professional license(s)
  2. Employment Verification Form
Route 2
NBMTM-Approved Training Programs

The licensed pharmacist successfully completes an NBMTM-approved training program in medication therapy management. Approved training programs are:

  1. NBMTM-Approved Certificate Course view more
    1. APhA’s Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services Certificate Training Program.
    2. Power-Pak C.E.® Certificate Program in Medication Therapy Management.
    3. University of Florida’s graduate certificate in Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM).
    4. University of Florida’s Master’s degree in Medication Therapy Management.
    5. University of Southern California’s Advanced Practice Pharmacist Certificate in Comprehensive Medication Management.
    6. Residency in medication therapy management or ambulatory care pharmacy (PGY-1 or PGY-2).
  2. Master’s degree in Medication Therapy Management.
  3. Ambulatory Care/Community Practice Residency.

Required Documentation

  1. Copy or online printout of your professional license(s)
  2. Proof of completion of educational or training program

Submit your application and fee online.

Once you checked your eligibility you can apply*.

Pay fee**

US Applicant
International Applicant

* Application is valid for 1 year, allow 1-2 weeks for processing.
** Fees are non-refundable and include application and exam.

Utilize study resources to increase testing confidence.

Once you receive notification from NBMTM with approval you may proceed.

Scheduling Your exam

Once your application is approved, you will receive a Notification  To Schedule (NTS) from Scantron, our exam administrator. You can take the exam at a one of the 1,350 of Scantron testing center locations across the country and wordwide, or take your remote proctored online exam.

Locate a Testing Center Near Me

To cancel or reschedule

Call Scantron at 800-722-6876 (800-SCANTRON) on a business day at least 24 hours prior to the start of your examination time. If you are late, turned away, or do not appear for your examination, you must pay a retesting fee to reschedule your examination.

  • Schedule as far in advance as possible
  • NBMTM cannot schedule for you
  • Scheduling online is preferred
  • The Scantron profile you create for the exam is separate from your NBMTM account, so NBMTM log-in information won’t work

Take the Exam

Arrive 30 minutes prior to exam time with the required testing items:

  1. Authorization letter
  2. Two forms of valid identification
    • Both must have your first and last name identical to your name on your authorization letter
    • Both must bear your signature
    • One form must be a photo ID, either a driver’s license, state ID card, military ID, or passport

If you have questions about the acceptability of your identification, contact Scantron:

Call 800-722-6876 (800-SCANTRON)

Know what to expect:

Scantron Security Measures

After the Exam

  • Official score reports will be mailed out approximately 1 month after the end of the exam window.
  • All documentation MUST be complete to receive certification
  • Official certificate will arrive in the mail within 7-14 days
  • You may download your digital certification and badge from MyNBMTM Portal.

If your application expires prior to gaining certification, you must submit a new application and fee to continue.


If you receive a failing score, you will need to retake the entire exam.

  • Retake is permitted no sooner than 30 days from previous attempt
  • A non-refundable fee is required for each additional attempt
  • You are limited to 3 exam attempts

Retesting fee …………….$200

Why Get Board Certified in MTM?

Get Hired

Employers look for MTM certified pharmacists.


Career Prospects

Expand your career opportunities.


Better Compensation

Increase your salary or compensation.


Mark of Excellence

Showcase your MTM experience and knowledge to your patients and employers.


Our Exam Development

NBMTM works with subject-matter experts (SMEs) in the field of quality to develop and maintain its certification program. The exam development cycle comprises of six workshops conducted by Scantron, our exam development provider. Over this 12 to 18-month cycle, up to 60 volunteers take part in workshop activities to ensure the validity of the BCMTMS exam.

Are you ready to earn your Board Certification?
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