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How to Enter Your RCUs

Once you complete your recertification activities, you’ll need to enter the activity details and upload the required documents into your NBMTM account.

View the recertification program activities summary to learn about the various types of RCU activities, the number of RCUs you can earn for each activity and the documents you’ll need to submit for your RCUs.

RCU checklist

Prior to submitting your RCUs, review the following to ensure what you are submitting for RCUs meets the recertification activity requirements.

  • Read the Recertification Program Activities Summary on the Earn Recertification Credit Units (RCUs) page.
  • Make sure the RCUs you want to enter were earned within your five-year renewal cycle.
  • Confirm that the documentation requirements have been completed.

Entering RCUs

To track your recertification credit units, please go to Follow these step-by-step instructions to enter your RCUs:

  • Log in to your NBMTM account.
  • Click on the “Report Credits” button.

If you attend NBMTM conferences, seminars or workshops, or participate in NBMTM eLearning programs, the applicable credit units will be auto-populated into your myNBMTM Portal.

Once your recertification application is complete and has been approved, your next 5-year recertification period will begin from your existing end date.

You may submit your completed recertification application one year into your 5-year recertification period. If you complete your recertification cycle early, your end date will not change, and any unused or subsequent professional development activities completed within your current certification period cannot be carried over to the next.


  • Initial certification period: May 2016
  • Recertified: December 2020
  • Next 5-year recertification period: May 2021–May 2026
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