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Renewal Eligibility Requirements & Fees

Renewal requirements run in 5-year cycles (Jan. 1-Dec. 31). After each cycle, the certified individual report on these requirements by completing a brief online form, the CE Status Form. Check your CE status anytime at

  • A current, unrestricted license is required. An unrestricted license is not currently being subjected to formal discipline by any state board of pharmacy and has no provisions or conditions that limit the pharmacist’s practice in any way.
  •  Completion of 50 CEs relevant to your practice over a 5-year cycle
  • Renewal fee of $200.

The form is due by March 1 (2 months after end of 5-year cycle). You will first enter your CE activities into the CE Repository. The number of CEs due will be noted at the top of the repository.

CE Form Audit

The NBMTM audits a percentage of the forms submitted each year to verify the information entered. If you are selected for audit, you will be contacted and asked to submit documentation of the information in your form (e.g., CE certificates, etc.). Once your documentation is received and approved, you will be in compliance with CEs.

CE Compliance

Individuals who do not submit the CE Status Form when required, fail to respond to an audit of their form, or otherwise, do not meet CE requirements are considered not in compliance with CEs and will be reported as “Not Meeting CE Requirements.” They also cannot certify or recertify until requirements are met.


A current, unrestricted license, CEs and renewal fee are required.

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