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How to Prepare for the BCMTMS™ Exam

Passing the BCMTMS™ exam requires months of study and preparation and no one source should be considered the only basis for preparation. Your learning style will help you determine whether a classroom, virtual classroom, or self-study is the most appropriate method for you.

In compliance with national accreditation standards, the NBMTM does not promote or endorse any particular study materials, training, seminars or courses for the BCMTMS exam. The following references are presented only as potentially helpful resources in preparing for the BCMTMS™ exam. Performance enhancement is not implied.

Medication Therapy Management : a Comprehensive Approach

  • Everything you need to provide successful MTM services and empower patients to take an active role in their medication and overall healthcare
  • Turnkey disease-based data sets help you apply proven MTM principles to common disorders
  • Helpful appendices cover therapy management characteristics and answers to key questions; the MTM practice model and training survey; and the Medicare Part D MTM program standardized format

Delivery Methods: Publication

The Thrill of the Case: Case Studies, Drug Interactions and Clinical Pearls in Medication Management

  • This is a compilation of case scenarios, drug interactions and clinical pearls.
  • This book is a perfect piece of education for pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, and nurses who are looking to pick up clinical practice pearls about medication management.
  • It is ideal for the new professional or student trying to gain more confidence when it comes to medication management.

Delivery Methods: Publication

BCMTMS™ All Access Pass

  • 15+ hours of lectures covering over 60 topics
  • Critical topic areas covered include the following from the BCMTMS content outline;
    • Apply Core Elements of an MTM Service Model in Pharmacy Practice
    • Incorporate URAC Accreditation Provisions
    • Identify basic Medicare provisions with MTM
    • Apply MTM in today’s complex healthcare system
    • Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Literature Evaluation
    • Cardiovascular Disorders
    • Pulmonary Disorders
    • Endocrine Disorders
    • Gastrointestinal Disorders
    • Urologic Disorder
    • Psychiatric Disorders
    • Bone, Joint Disease, and Women’s Health
    • Dementia-Related Disorders
    • Pain Disorder
    • Infectious Disease
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Pharmacoeconomic implications
    • Cultural competency
    • Billing Codes
    • Regulatory Agencies (HIPAA, CMS, FDA, etc.)
    • Pharmacogenomics
    • Pediatrics
    • Geriatrics
    • Neurology
  • Nearly 1,200 BCMTMS practice questions including a 200 question practice exam
  • Downloadable slide deck to go with the video lectures
  • Statistics study guide
  • Special BCMTMS regulatory (non-pharmacotherapy) study guide
  • Medication Comparison Tables

Delivery Methods: Online Guided Study

Power-Pak C.E.® Certificate Program in Medication Therapy Management

  • This 30-credit Certificate Program for pharmacists contains learning modules that provide the education and skills needed for pharmacists to initiate and perform MTM.
  • The program provides practical courses to help pharmacists design and implement a successful MTM program, along with a comprehensive clinical section encompassing the most common medical conditions in which MTM is applied.

Delivery Methods: Online Self Study

APhA’s Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services Certificate Training Program

  • APhA’s Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services presents a systematic approach for developing, implementing, delivering, and sustaining MTM services.
  • It includes an overview of the marketplace for delivering MTM services, guidance for implementing MTM services in pharmacy practice, a review of the essential skills and knowledge needed for performing MTM successfully, and an organized process for identifying medication-related problems.

Delivery Methods: Online Self Study / Live Seminar

University of Florida’s graduate certificate in Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)

  • The University of Florida’s online Medication Therapy Management (MTM) programs provide healthcare professionals with the practical skills needed to establish their own MTM practice or discover new career opportunities in community pharmacy settings, private practice, ambulatory care, managed care, MTM vendor companies and hospitals.

Delivery Methods: Online Guided Study

University of Southern California’s Advanced Practice Pharmacist Certificate in Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)

  • The University of Southern California (USC) School of Pharmacy Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)-based APP certification program prepares pharmacists to optimize treatment plans for complex patients with poor or fragile health who are at high-risk for medication-related problems.

Delivery Methods: Online Guided Study

How to Conduct a Comprehensive Medication Review: A Guidebook for Pharmacists

  • This guidebook provides pharmacists with a detailed description of each step in the process. Following the steps outlined in this guidebook will ensure a standardized and comprehensive approach to the delivery of MTM services.

Delivery Methods: Publication

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