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1. Notice To Schedule (NTS)
2. Scheduling the Certification Exam
3. Special Needs
4. Appeal Policy

1. Notice To Schedule (NTS)

After the application is approved and the exam window is selected, the candidate will receive an email notification from Scantron fifteen days before the beginning of the testing window . Candidates may need to add and to their list of approved senders so important messages do not get sent to their spam folder. The email will be sent to the email address on file with NBMTM. It is, therefore, important for candidates to keep their email address current with NBMTM.
It is the candidate’s responsibility to check their email to see whether the NTS has been sent to them.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to check their email to see whether the NTS email notification has been sent to them.

2. Scheduling the Exam

After the NTS has been received, candidates can schedule their testing appointment directly with Scantron. Candidates SHOULD NOT contact Scantron until they have received the NTS.
All exams must be scheduled a minimum of 4 days in advance of the desired appointment date.

3. Special Needs

The NBMTM support the intent of and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Board will take steps reasonably necessary to make certification accessible to persons with disabilities covered under the ADA. Special testing arrangements may be made upon receipt of the Application, examination fee, and a completed and signed Request for Special Needs Accommodations Form, available from or by calling our office at (202) 831-0033. This Form must be uploaded with the online application at least 2 weeks before the testing period begins. Please use this Form if you need to bring a service dog, medicine, food or beverages needed for a medical condition with you to the testing area.
Information supplied on the Request for Special Accommodations Form will only be used to determine the need for special accommodations and will be kept confidential.

4. Appeal Policy

The National Board of Medication Therapy Management (NBMTM) is committed to assuring that aggrieved candidates for certification have access to an appeal process concerning the administration of the certification examination.

The NBMTM will allow a candidate to appeal an examination if the candidate feels the actions of the NBMTM, with regard to any part of the examination, constitute unequal application of the regulations and requirements or standards; unwarranted discrimination, prejudice or unfairness; or improper conduct of the examination.

The NBMTM will not consider appeals based on the content of an examination, the sufficiency or accuracy of answers, scoring of the examination, scoring of answers to individual questions, and/or the determination of the minimum passing score.


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