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BCMTMS™ Exam Results and Pass Rates

BCMTMS™ Exam Results: Results for the July—September 2021 exams have been posted on October 16, 2021.

Detailed results can be accessed here

We encourage candidates who do not pass to use the exam result information to guide their studies and to re-take the exam at a later date. Candidates can take as much time as they need before registering for the next exam during the period of board eligibility.

2021 BCMTMS™ Exam Pass Rates

Below are the BCMTMS™ examination pass rates for each of the most recent exams administered in 2021.

July—September 2021 Window
Total Test Takers50
Total Number of Candidates that did not pass19
Total Number of Candidates that passed31
Passing Rate62%
January—February 2021 Window
Total Test Takers98
Total Number of Candidates that did not pass38
Total Number of Candidates that passed60
Passing Rate61.2%
May—June 2021 Window
Total Test Takers99
Total Number of Candidates that did not pass34
Total Number of Candidates that passed65
Passing Rate65.7%
Exam Results

Exam results are expected to be available approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the close of an exam window. Whenever NBMTM introduces new test forms of the BCMTMS exam, NBMTM conducts a thorough analysis of the exam items and the performance of candidates to identify the minimum passing score representing basic competence in the subject matter. NBMTM recruits several subject matter experts to conduct this analysis. NBMTM would then convene to discuss the recommendation from the subject matter experts and approve the minimum passing score. Rigorous quality control processes and data quality review steps are completed to ensure results are presented accurately to all tested candidates.

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