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1. Access myNBMTM Portal

You must access myNBMTM Portal directly from the NBMTM website where you will find further instructions on how to register for, and apply to, the Board Certification in Medication Therapy Management. Once the exam application is submitted, it is valid for one year. The candidate must take the certification exam within this one-year period. After one year, the application will expire and all fees will be forfeited. The candidate will need to submit a new application fee.

• Your authorization to test is valid for 6 months, which means that you must schedule your examination within 6 months of receiving your notice from the NBMTM.
• After 6 months, your registration will expire and be withdrawn by the NBMTM.
For more information about completing your online application, please see section 2.

2. Completing your Online Application

To begin your application, you must access myNBMTM portal. You can access myNBMTM portal here. Once you have arrived at the main page of your myNBMTM portal, you can click on the APPLY NOW link.
You can now begin your application. You will notice 6 tabs on the top of the application page. Each tab corresponds to a section of the application and is categorized by subject.
To navigate between tabs, you can click on any tab at any time to review and complete the questions.
It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete your online application, but you are not required to complete the entire application in one session.

3. Saving your Application

You can save your application and return to it at any time.

There are two ways to save your application:
1. Click the “” button at the bottom right corner of each page; or
2. Click the “NEXT ” or “ PREVIOUS” buttons at the bottom of each page.

Note that saving your incomplete application does not submit your application to the NBMTM. Your application will only be submitted once you have completed all mandatory fields, uploaded all required documentation, read and agreed to all declarations and authorizations, and paid your application fee.

4. Application Sections

The following provides information on the tabs you will navigate to complete the online application.

5. Applicant Information

In this section, you must provide information about yourself such as your name, date and place of birth, and gender. This information is required for program integrity purposes.
If you have used or currently use other names including your name at birth, maiden name, previous married name, alias, and nicknames, you must list them and provide details.

6. Contact Information

In this section, you must provide your contact information such as your phone number, mailing, and email address.

7. Education History

In this section, you must indicate your highest level of education and provide details on all of your postgraduate education. You must include the name of the school, graduation date, and type of degree.

If your studies were completed outside of the United States, you must indicate your country of education.

8. Work History

In this section, you must list all of your paid work experience in the field of medication therapy management. You must include your start date, job title, employer name.

Note: Any work experience obtained after you received your Authorization To Test (ATT) through your NBMTM online account will not count towards the minimum 24 months of work experience required. You must have accumulated at least 24 months of work experience by the date that you received your ATT to qualify for board eligibility.

9. Medication Therapy Management Training

In this section, you must indicate whether you completed training through an NBMTM-approved training program in
medication therapy management such as:

  • APhA’s Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services Certificate Training Program.
  • Power-Pak C.E. Certificate Program in Medication Therapy Management.
  • University of Florida’s graduate certificate in Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM).
  • University of Southern California’s Advanced Practice Pharmacist Certificate in Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM).

If you require additional space to list your experience or training, or you would like to include further evidence to support
your application, you may upload additional documents at the end of your application.

10. Residency

In this section, you must indicate whether you completed any residencies such as residency in MTM or ambulatory care pharmacy.

11. Learning about NBMTM

In this section, you must indicate how you learned about the NBMTM. This information will be used solely for evaluation purposes. You should check only one box.

12. Your Supporting Documents

You must attach supporting documents to substantiate the information you provide in the online application and to help establish that you meet board eligibility.

Note: The NBMTM no longer requires original hard copies of your supporting documents. All supporting documents must be scanned and uploaded to your online application. This includes copies of your degree and transcripts for international graduates.

Reminder: If a supporting document is not in English, you must provide a copy of the document and a complete, certified or notarized translation of the document.

Your supporting documents must be uploaded using one of the following document formats: .pdf, or image file types: .jpg. The file size limit is 5 MB per file.
Ensure that all text and images are clear, legible, and complete.
In addition, please ensure that all pages for a specific document are uploaded into one file (for example, all pages of a transcript should appear in one document, rather than a separate document for each transcript page).

For more information about supporting your online application, please see Supporting Documents Checklist.

13. Terms and Conditions

As part of your application, you must read and e-sign our Terms and Conditions.

14. Processing Fee

Before you can submit your online application, you must pay the application fee of $450.

Application Fee USD
Initial Certification Application Fee $450
Certification Group Discounted Fee (+10 applicants) $420
Re-test Fee $200

You can make an electronic payment by credit and debit card only (VISA, Discover, MasterCard or American Express). Please note that for online applications the NBMTM will not accept:
• Money Order
• Cashier/Certified Check
• Postal Money Order
• Bank Draft
• Cash
• Personal Check

Once you make the payment, your application will be submitted to the NBMTM and you will not be able to make any changes. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application, as well as a payment receipt.

Fees are non-refundable unless your application is deemed to be incomplete. Since the application fee helps pay for the cost of processing applications, fees will not be refunded if the application is unsuccessful or if the applicant withdraws the application.

Please note that the application fee only covers processing by the NBMTM. Costs incurred for services such as translation, certification, notarization, travel, accommodation, and incidentals are to be paid by the applicant. Once the NBMTM completes the assessment of your application and sends your authorization to test, you must schedule the examination within 6 months.

For more information about our fee schedules, please see Fees.

15. Certification Group Discount

U.S. or Canadian pharmacists can submit groups of 10 or more certification applications together in one packet.
Ten or more certification exam candidates each complete a special Certification Group Discount Application and give them to a designated group coordinator along with applicable fees.
The group coordinator submits all applications, documentation, and fees together in one package to NBMTM.
Once group applications are submitted and processed, exam candidates must sit for their exam within one year.

Complete and provide your completed exam application and fee to your group coordinator/contact person.
Schedule your exam date within 180 days after the application is processed and approved. You will receive exam scheduling information from NBMTM once your application is processed.

Designate a single contact person to represent the group. This person will:

  • Set an internal due date to receive all applications.
  • Collect all exam applications, honor statements and payments, and review them for completeness. Proper payment for each exam must accompany the applications.
  • Submit the completed cover sheet, plus all applications, honor statements and fee payment(s), in the same package to:

National Board of Medication Therapy Management
ATTN: Application Processing Center
PO Box 45121
Tampa, FL 33677

The group coordinator/contact person will be notified via email when the group applications are received and processed. An email with exam scheduling information will be sent to each applicant.

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