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Verify Board Certification and Candidate Status

NBMTM provides a free online searchable provider database to find and verify the status of NBMTM-certified pharmacists.

The Verification of Certification page on this website is consistent with Joint Commission, National Committee for Quality Assurance, and other standards for primary source verification, for practitioners currently certified by the National Board of Medication Therapy Management. All certification information is drawn directly from our certification database and public registry. Our database is updated each business day. The verification information provided by NBMTM is obtained from NBMTM certification records which are securely maintained.

Find the certification status of certified pharmacists and candidates.

This information is updated daily – Last updated: [current_date format=’F d, Y’] with 9,468 records.

Official Letters of Verification

Inquiries about the current status of individuals should be addressed to the NBMTM office. In addition to the pharmacist’s full name (if applicable, include maiden name) NBMTM will provide an official letter of verification for a processing fee of $20 payable by VISA, MASTERCARD, or check.

Verify board certification status

Search the NBMTM database by NBMTM Number, last name, or location.

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NBMTM Certification Statuses and Meaning

  • Certified: The individual is currently certified by the NBMTM.
  • Not Certified: The individual is not currently certified by the NBMTM. Such individuals may have allowed their time-limited certificate to expire, were admitted to the certification process but never became certified, were never admitted, or never applied.
  • In the Examination Process: The individual has an approved application/registration for certification or recertification and has not yet passed the required examinations, but has remaining examination opportunities.
  • Clinically Inactive: The individual is certified by the NBMTM with the understanding that he or she is not actively participating in any patient management, either directly or in a supervisory capacity. This status is intended for individuals who are completely retired, working in an administrative or research capacity, or similar situation.
  • Suspended: The individual is not certified as his or her certificate has been indefinitely suspended. The certificate may be reinstated if certain requirements are met.
  • Revoked: The individual is not certified as his or her certificate has been permanently revoked.
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