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  • Practice Examination


    1. The practice exam may be used by candidates to identify areas in which further study may be needed in anticipation of taking an official competency-based examination.
    2. The practice exam is an optional assessment tool and not a study guide for a certification examination.
    3. The practice exam is not the only or preferred route to adequate preparation for taking the certification examination.
    4. It is important to note that performance on a Practice Examination is not a predictor of whether a candidate will pass or fail the competency-based NBMTM Certification Examination. Taking the practice exam is not required and does not give an advantage over candidates who do not choose to take them and is not the only or preferred route to adequate preparation for the certification examination.
    5. There is only one version of the BCMTMS practice exam.
    6. Exam content is based on NBMTM’s test specifications (exam content).
    7. The practice exam consists of 15 multiple-choice items.
    8. Questions were developed by NBMTM content experts.
    9. Unlike the certification examination results, which are reported in scaled scores, Practice Exam Scores are reported in percentages.
    10. The results will be emailed to you upon completion of the practice exam.
    11. You may take as much time as you wish to take this practice exam. Keep in mind the actual BCMTMS exam has 200 questions and you are allowed up to four hours to take it.
    12. Once you finish, NBMTM will email you a summary of your performance and an itemization of the correct and incorrect responses to each question.

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