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What is Board Certification?

The certification process is designed to assure the public that a board certified pharmacist has successfully completed an approved educational program and a thorough evaluation, including an examination designed to assess the knowledge, experience and skills needed to provide high quality patient care.

To be certified as a Board Certified Medication Therapy Management Specialist, a pharmacist must complete certain requirements. The requirements are determined by the NBMTM and include:

  • Completion of a course of study leading to a pharmacy degree (PharmD, BPharm, MPharm) degree from a recognized school of pharmacy.
  • Completion of required training in an accredited residency program designed to train specialists in the discipline.
  • Unrestricted license to practice pharmacy in order to take the certification examination.
  • Each candidate for certification must pass the certification examination.
  • Time Limits on Certification and Maintenance of Certification

Certification indicates that the board determined, based on the criteria then in effect, that the pharmacist possessed the education, training, experience, and knowledge required to be an MTM specialist at the time the certificate was awarded. It cannot assess a pharmacist’s knowledge, skills and experience after the certificate is awarded.

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