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NBMTM Wants to Hear From You!

Have you written an article? Received a promotion? Been appointed to a Board? Volunteered your experience in underserved areas? Gone on a mission trip? If so, we want to hear from you!

NBMTM is always looking to hear about what our certified members are doing in the field. Your work and dedication to providing the highest quality of care to your patients within your facility and community are a testament to the standards of excellence in medication therapy management.

Share Your Certification Story

Inspire your colleagues to embark on their certification journey by sharing your certification story. Your story might be the “extra push” someone needs to make the commitment to become board certified. NBMTM will review it and contact you if we have any suggested edits. We will then post it on the NBMTM website on the My Certification Story page. Please include your photo if possible. If you would like to send a short one minute video, please contact for more information.

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