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Your Expertise Matters

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are crucial to the development and maintenance of certification exams. NBMTM regularly asks SMEs to help in exam development, maintenance, and test revisions. SMEs are crucial to the development process, and maintenance of certification exams, and aid us in delivering the most comprehensive and highly regarded certification exams.

Assistance from SMEs is essential in developing quality content for the appropriate level of expertise. SMEs work with peers and NBMTM staff to create or review exam items associated with the clinical knowledge, skills, and best practices used by MTM pharmacists.

SME Requirements

  • You must have experience with pharmacy and medication therapy management according to the specific workshop requirements. It’s preferred, but not required, that SMEs are board certified.
  • You must sign the NBMTM Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • NBMTM appreciates interest from the test preparation community, but applications from authors or individuals who can profit from or materially benefit from knowledge of BCMTMS exam content are not eligible to participate as SMEs.
  • Please note that not all applicants will qualify.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to take part in a BCMTMS exam development or maintenance workshop.

Your resume will be reviewed by the NBMTM to determine your qualifications. Please ensure that your resume is current and clearly illustrates your qualifications (years of experience, areas of expertise) specific to the workshop(s) to which you are applying.

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