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Recertification Requirements

NBMTM’s Recertification Program for Board Certified Medication Therapy Management Specialists (BCMTMS™) is an ongoing certification process to encourage members to seek professional growth and development. As a national organization designed for pharmacy professionals, we support continual learning throughout our careers.
Because the pharmacy profession is constantly changing and evolving, it is important for certified professionals to continually update their competencies and knowledge. Achieving certification as a Board Certified Medication Therapy Management Specialist (BCMTM™) is the first step. Recertifying demonstrates your commitment to the profession, to your organization and to yourself through lifelong education and professional development.

Recertification is required every five years from the initial certification. To maintain certification, participants must acquire a minimum of 50 recertification credit units (RCU) and are required to record their participation in various professional development and continuing education activities as described in this brochure.
Applicants must submit the completed Recertification Verification Form to receive recertification. Participants may begin earning credits toward recertification immediately upon receiving their initial Board Certified Medication Therapy Management Specialists (BCMTMS™) designation. Credits cannot be carried over for future recertification.

There is a minimal fee of $300 to obtain a Recertification Certificate.

Qualifying Activities

BCMTMS™ credential-holders qualify for recertification credits by participating in professional development activities related to elements of the NBMTM body of competency and knowledge. The NBMTM body of competency and knowledge organizes eight behavioral competencies into three clusters:

  • Advancing your education
  • Advancing your organization
  • Advancing your profession
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