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Congratulations to our newly BCMTMS (March 2023)

The National Board of Medication Therapy Management (NBMTM) is proud to announce the latest group of pharmacists who have earned the prestigious designation of Board Certified Medication Therapy Management Specialists (BCMTMS™) in March 2023.

Joining a distinguished cohort of over 800 active board-certified pharmacists, these accomplished professionals have demonstrated exceptional knowledge, skill, and expertise in the field of medication therapy management, meeting the rigorous standards set by the NBMTM. By recognizing and supporting these exceptional pharmacists, the National Board of Medication Therapy Management aims to amplify their contributions and further empower the pharmacy profession.

We extend our congratulations to the following pharmacists who have successfully earned the esteemed title of Board Certified Medication Therapy Management Specialist in March 2023.

  • Briana Belle
  • Daniel Burkhart
  • Chloe Cho
  • Mieba C Chukwueke
  • Cindy Downing
  • Chermaine Dumas
  • Logan Duncan
  • Vanessa Duran
  • Hayley Evans
  • Priscilla Gomez
  • Fahima Hassan
  • Tina Merati
  • Nancy Hang Nguyen
  • Nisha Chirag Parekh
  • Palakben Patel
  • Bhakti Patel
  • Vaishali Patel
  • Heily Pham
  • Stephen Philip
  • Natalie Kathryn Powers
  • Michelle Lynn Rajakrishnan
  • Katarina Reed
  • Kaylah Roberson
  • Joseph Nawar Samaan
  • Audrey Scott
  • Munib Sheikh
  • Emily Lynn Thompson
  • Bradley Christopher Trabookis
  • Kassidy Voinche
  • Yvonne Esidie Vughosi
  • Portia Angelina Wells
  • Nancy Wiley
  • Hala Salah Aldin Salim Zaqout


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