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January 2021 Announcement

Press Releases
1. NBMTM Announces Updated BCMTMS Exam Content Outline in 2020
2. NBMTM and Scantron join forces to improve certification process
3. 2020 Job Task Analysis
4. January 2021 Announcement
5. NBMTM Announces New Board Members
6. NBMTM Welcomes Bhavana Mutha as Chair of the Board
7. NBMTM Earns GuideStar’s Highest Seal of Transparency
8. NBMTM Welcomes Ronald Hanchar as New Executive Director

Washington, DC. November 2, 2020 — Starting January 01, 2021, the BCMTMS exam will be administered in testing windows. Candidates will have the option to take their exam through Scantron’s testing centers and its live-online proctoring platform. The board has determined that the testing window model will ensure the psychometric soundness of the BCMTMS exam, which is needed in compliance with NCCA accreditation standards. Keep in mind, candidate’s ability to take the exam through live-online proctoring (LOP) in 2021 is temporary due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Candidates approved by the board to be eligible from November 01 to December 03, 2020, will have the window-based eligibility, which will only allow them to select one out of the four testing windows available. 

Candidates approved by the board to be eligible BEFORE November 01, 2021, will be allowed to select one testing window out of the number of testing windows available according to their one-year period-based eligibility. 

Next coming window

January 01, 2021, to February 28, 2021
Deadline to select window: December 03, 2020 

What are the other testing windows and deadlines to select a window?

May 01, 2021 to June 30, 2021 
Deadline to select: March 31, 2021

July 10, 2021, to September 10, 2021 
Deadline to select: June 9, 2021

November 01, 2021, to December 18, 2021 
Deadline to select: September 30, 2021


I am already board eligible. How will this affect me? 

All candidates that were approved and are board eligible will continue to maintain their 1-year board eligibility. However, starting December 04, you will receive notice-to-schedule (NTS) from Scantron, which will give you the option of scheduling the exam at Scantron’s testing centers or Scantron’s Live Online proctoring (remote proctoring). You will have the ability to switch your testing window to any other testing window that falls within the period of your eligibility.  

I have scheduled my exam with Mettl’s remote proctoring services to take in 2021 already. What will happen? 

You will have the opportunity to use Scantron’s live-online proctoring platform. You will receive your notice-to-test email from Scantron and, at the beginning of December, will allow you to schedule your exam with Scantron. Scantron’s live-online proctoring platform will be available anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will have the ability to schedule your exam at ANY window that falls within the period of your eligibility.  

I had scheduled my exam to take with Mettl’s remote proctoring service before 2021. What will happen? 

As long as you are taking the exam before January 01, 2021, and have already scheduled, there will be no changes.

I have scheduled my exam to take with Mettl’s remote proctoring service before 2021. However, I would like to reschedule my exam for AFTER January 01, 2021. What should I do?

If you want to reschedule and take it after January 01, 2021, the LATEST time you can select the window from January 01 to February 28 is December 03, 2020. If you reschedule after December 03, you will have to take the exam during the spring window, which falls from May 1-June 30th. 

NOTICE: As previously mentioned, starting January 1, 2021, the new BCMTMS Examination Content Outline will be in effect.

What has changed? The new examination content outline is very similar to the outgoing (current) examination content outline with regards to subject matter, but provides better clarity on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a candidate may be tested on.

Why did we change the examination content outline? As new practices and technology develop, the job roles and tasks of a BCMTMS naturally evolve too. In order to ensure that the BCMTMS program remains current and valid, NBMTM periodically conducts job-task analyses to determine the need for change.

Learn more about the new BCMTMS Examination Content Outline (effective January 1, 2021).

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