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Public Reporting of Status

This policy defines the information communicated to the public by the National Board of Medication Therapy Management regarding applicants and certified members.
The NBMTM considers the personal information and examination record of an applicant or certified member to be private and confidential. When an inquiry regarding an individual’s status is received, a general statement is provided indicating the person’s current situation in regard to NBMTM certification, along with his or her certification history.

Current Certification Status

The current standing of an individual with the NBMTM will be reported using one of two designations:

  • Certified: The individual is currently certified by the NBMTM.
  • Not Certified: The individual is not currently certified by the NBMTM. Such individuals may have allowed their time-limited certificate to expire, were admitted to the certification process but never became certified, were never admitted, or never applied.

The following terms may also be listed if applicable to the individual’s current situation.

  • In the Examination Process: The individual has an approved application/registration for certification or recertification and has not yet passed the required examinations, but has remaining examination opportunities.
  • Clinically Inactive: The individual is certified by the NBMTM with the understanding that he or she is not actively participating in any patient management, either directly or in a supervisory capacity. This status is intended for individuals who are completely retired, working in an administrative or research capacity, or similar situation.
  • Suspended: The individual is not certified as his or her certificate has been indefinitely suspended. The certificate may be reinstated if certain requirements are met.
  • Revoked: The individual is not certified as his or her certificate has been permanently revoked.

Certification History

An individual’s certification history will also be reported, with all successful certifications and recertifications and their relevant start and end dates. Current NBMTM policy is that all certificates are valid only for a period of five years, beginning with the date of issuance.


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